Office of Sustainability

Take the Green Pledge

The facts are clear: These four simple things are the most important ways you can act on climate change now.

  1. Go meat-free at least one day a week.
  2. Don't waste food — take only the food you're going to finish.
  3. Advocate for sustainability policies at least one day a month.
  4. Discuss climate change with friends and family.

Why These Actions?

Experts agree that these actions are key to achieving the change we need. For example, Project Drawdown tells us that the food we waste is responsible for roughly 8% of global emissions, and that making the transition to a plant-based diet may be the most effective way an individual can stop climate change. And a recent study led by Yale researchers found that simply discussing the climate crisis with friends and family leads to greater understanding and concern about the issue.

Take the Pledge

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Resources to Support Your Commitment

Advocate Once a Month

Discuss Climate Change With Friends and Family