Other resources

Best Buy and Staples collect items like old cell phones, home audio/video equipment, and some take rechargeable batteries, all for free. Check their sites for a list of what they will accept.

Not sure how to recycle something else? RecycleNation and Earth 911 list other locations where you can drop off items we do not collect on campus.

Recycling, compost, and trash

Recycling has changed dramatically since 2018. New rules of thumb are:

  • When in doubt, throw it out.
  • Keep recycling clean.
  • No plastic bags or plastic film, except in grocery store collection boxes.
  • No cords, ropes, hoses, or anything that can tangle.

 Please visit RecycleSmartMA.org for the comprehensive guide on what can and can't be recycled, or download the PDF here.



Items not recyclable on campus


Other items we collect on campus 

Compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs), ink cartridges for desktop printers, and batteries:

Please take these items to the collection area in Gerstenzang. CFLs are considered hazardous, and must NOT go into trash or recycling bins. 

The CFL/ink cartridge/battery waste collection area is located in the entrance of Gerstenzang between Edison-Lecks and Abelson-Bass (not the entrance from Volen plaza).

Waste collection area in G'zang

Photo of Gerstenzang collection area for CFLs, ink cartridges, & batteries


Should be taken to the Feldberg collection area, located at the entrance to Feldberg on the lower level facing Fellows Garden. If items are large or you have difficulty taking them to Feldberg, please contact Facilities Services for assistance.

Ink/toner cartridges for large multifunction printers: 

1. Send your cartridges via interoffice mail to the mailroom. The mailroom will collect the cartridges and ship them back to Ricoh to be recycled.

2. If you prefer to ship your cartridges back to Ricoh on your own, follow these steps:

For cartridges that have UPS or FedEx shipping labels inside: remove the label from the box. Place the used cartridge in the box and tape the prepaid shipping label to the outside of the package. Please use the return instructions on the label. 

For cartridges that do not have a prepaid label already, or to ship multiple cartridges in a box of your own: print a prepaid UPS shipping label, and please follow the instructions on the Ricoh website.



Our dining halls compost all back-of-house food scraps and post-consumer waste. We also have compost bins throughout campus for anyone to use. 

Note: As of 2019, cardboard (non-waxed) pizza boxes can either be recycled or composted. Choose recycling if there is just a little bit of grease on the box, or compost if very greasy. 

The Black Earth Compost comprehensive compost guide is also available online.

Brandeis compost sign