Office of Sustainability

Energy Conservation and Management Policy

The university is deeply concerned about the increasing pace and intensity of global climate change and the potential for unprecedented detrimental impacts. Furthermore, we understand that our greatest, most immediate opportunity to reduce our own impact is in reducing our fossil energy usage in campus buildings.

Extensive research shows that our campus uses 15% to 20% more energy per square foot than comparable campuses in our climate zone, and the vast majority of Brandeis’s emissions are caused by our building energy use. These facts, combined with the inextricable link between climate change and social justice, amount to a call to action for our community to greatly improve our approach to energy management.

We acknowledge and agree that campus as a place of work, and as a home to many of us, needs to meet reasonable standards of comfort to allow us to enjoy our time at Brandeis and to be productive. We seek to properly balance that essential goal with the critical goal of a reduced carbon footprint for the university.

The Energy Conservation and Management Policy outlines several ways in which our community must work together to improve our collective experience with our facilities in a way that is consistent with our commitment to sustainability.

Policy Highlights