Charged up: a giant battery will help Brandeis lower electricity costs, aid in the progress of greener power

Dining Services introduces compostable tableware

Speakers discuss recycling, composting practices

Univ. to add more LED lights on campus

University begins using ‘recycled content’ paper

Facilities staff shares impact of Turn It Off day program

SCC brighter and more energy efficient after $200,000 lighting project

Brandeis Sustainability Ambassadors act as student resource

New Solar Panels on Library Double Solar Power Generated at Brandeis University

Students compete in sustainability contest to learn, improve habits and win prizes

President Liebowitz joins leaders in supporting Paris climate accord

Brandeis University to Install 1.3 MW Solar Array to Save up to $2M in Energy Costs Over 20 Years

Brandeis reaches campus sustainability milestone as initiatives continue

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Drive green



Brandeis has several Zipcars on campus, parked near Stoneman Infirmary and Public SafetySign up at

  • Open to 18+ students, faculty, staff and international drivers
  • Discounted university rates by the hour or day
  • Gas, insurance, maintenance and up to 180 miles/day included
  • Great for grocery shopping, a quick errand or weekend getaway


Bay State Commute

Bay State Commute is your one-stop-shop to find potential rideshare partners, and earn rewards for commuting green! Log in, select "Find Rides", search your route and connect.


Brandeis carpool parking program

Preferential parking is available for carpools.


Where are the carpool parking spaces on campus?

There are two spaces in Chapels Lot, one space on Loop Rd (upper campus), and one space in North Lot.

  • Spaces will be reserved between the hours of 6 a.m. and 10 a.m., Monday-Friday, except staff holidays.  After 10 a.m., any vehicle with a valid parking pass for the respective lot may park in a carpool space.
  • Inclement weather may impact the availability of carpool spaces. The Parking Office has the authority to suspend preferential parking due to inclement weather or any other reasonable event.
  • Any vehicle found parked in violation of the carpool space regulations is subject to fines and/or towing at owner’s expense.

Who is eligible for carpool parking spaces?

  • Carpool parking is open to faculty, staff and commuter students who already possess a valid parking permit for a vehicle to park on campus.
  • The vehicle used to park in a carpool space must possess a valid parking permit for the lot in which the vehicle is parked.
  • Resident students are not eligible for carpool incentives or carpool parking passes.

How do I apply for a carpool parking pass?

  1. Identify the person you plan to carpool with by connecting with them on Bay State Commute.
  2. Each carpool member completes a carpool pass application online. The application must state each individual member of the carpool.
  3. Applicants will be notified when their parking pass will be available for pickup at the Parking Office.

How do I use my carpool parking pass?

Each carpool member must display their individual carpool parking pass on the dashboard of the carpool vehicle to park in a carpool space during the hours of 6-10 a.m. 

The vehicle used to park in a carpool space must possess a valid parking permit for the lot in which the vehicle is parked.



A vanpool is a group of people with a similar origin, destination, and schedule, who share the costs of commuting and ride in a vehicle with 7 or more seats. The group divides the cost of the monthly van rental, gas, insurance, and other costs among themselves. Vanpools provide a great opportunity to help you lower your commuting costs, relax on your way to work, make new friends and reduce emissions. Click here to learn about vanpool options in your area or how to start your own.