The Holocaust in History

"The Holocaust in History" book cover showing a sepia photo of a group of people and children walking beside a soldier.  A handwritten letter is superimposed.Michael R. Marrus

Perhaps the most shocking instance of man`s inhumanity to man, the Holocaust is one of the central events of our times. - How was the Holocaust unique? - Did the Nazis have a murderous master plan from the very start? - What were the attitudes of the general public in Germany and Occupied Europe? - Could neutral powers, Allied governments or the Catholic Church have done more to save Jewish lives? - And could the Jews themselves have done more to resist the Nazi`s final solution? Historians have provided many crucial, although often controversial, new insights into these intensely painful and complex questions. In this invaluable book, Michael R. Marrus presents a judicious and lucid survey of their views, together with his own conclusions.

“Wonderfully researched and superbly written, this book is the finest available introduction to how historians write about the Holocaust.” — Library Journal

About the Author

Michael Robert Marrus is a Canadian historian of the Holocaust, modern European and Jewish history and International Humanitarian Law. He is the author of eight books on the Holocaust and related subjects.