Sample Captions and Transcripts

Use these videos as models for your own captions and descriptive transcripts. Styles vary slightly, but each example is accessible. 

Contact Digital Communications to have a blank transcript page added to your CMS.

What makes these transcripts accessible?

Note: We recommending setting all links to open in the same window. Transcripts are one of the few places where it makes sense to use "new window."


  • Notice the external transcript pages have no banner or left navigation. There is nothing but simple text (with headings) for the screen reader to encounter. If the transcript is short, it may be placed on the page with the video or audio clip.
  • Tables are not used. Tables are difficult to use with screen readers, so they are best left out.


Notice there is more to these descriptive transcripts than just what is being said. Some of these videos don't have speech in them, yet they still have transcripts.

Be sure to include
  • important audio cues/sound effects
  • words on screen
  • descriptions of actions
  • visual characteristics that give context 


  • The title added to the CMS page title field automatically becomes a heading 1 for the page.
  • The next line "Transcript" is a heading 2. Most likely no other headings will be necessary.

Color Choice

The text is black and passes WCAG 2.0 AA standards for color contrastCheck your color contrast ratio or get suggestions for new colors.


Your transcript or a link to it should be available anywhere your video is found. These stories contain links to transcripts. If you open the videos on YouTube, there are also links to the transcripts there. If your video can play from a thumbnail on your homepage, you need to find a way to have your transcript available with it.

Note: Having a descriptive transcript doesn't mean you don't need captions on your video. Captions are always required, even if the video is silent (captions or note reads: "no audio") or there is only music (captions briefly describe music). Audio description, however, does take care of the transcript requirement.