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LATTE Course Formats

LATTE offers several course formats. Some are more accessible than others. Formats can be changed in the Administration block by selecting "Edit Settings" and opening the "Course format" menu option.

  • Four boxes: Resources (books), Course Set Up (a stick figure poting to a chalkboard), Educational Requirements (a stick figure climbing rocks), Messaging (a letter in an envelope)View one section at a time in a pop-out box.
  • Faculty can add images to each topic section.
  • The pop-out box is not accessible to many screen readers. 
  • Circles containing numbers 1 through 10. Circles are all gray except #1, which is blue.View one section at a time displayed on the course page.

  • Easily select which section to view with keyboard or mouse

  • Three drop downs: Format, Hidden sections and Course layoutTopics display all the sections in a long list by default. 

  • To show one section per page, change the format under the "course layout" setting. 

One Section Per Page

Course Content

Using best formatting practices in all text boxes can make content more accessible.

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