How to Add Captions

To produce captions, we recommend you use Kaltura REACH or order closed captions through our preferred vendor Verbit.

You may also use automatic captioning; however, autocaptions are not always accurate and must be thoroughly edited for spelling and punctuation, as well as accuracy.

Kaltura REACH Captions

The Kaltura Video Platform launched in August 2022. Videos uploaded to your Kaltura MediaSpace will be automatically captioned using Kaltura REACH, which is automatic machine generated transcription (ASR).

Note: These automatic captions are processed quickly and available within an hour of upload. You will receive an email when the captions are complete.

Editing Kaltura REACH Captions

  1. Login to your MediaSpace (or, click the link directly from your notification email).
  2. Click on My Media.
  3. Click on the title of a video to select it.
  4. Once on the video page, click the Actions menu (bottom right). Then, select Captions & Enrich.
  5. If captions are available to edit, you will see information under Existing Requests.
  6. To review and edit the captions, click the Pencil Icon in the Status colum. The Closed Captions Editor will appear. 
  7. The Closed Captions Editor page is divided into two columns.
    1. The Left Column displays timestamps and caption text. You may make edits directly in the text boxes.
    2. The Right Column displays the video. Play and pause the video as needed to review your captions. As the video plays, the associated text will be highlighted in blue in the left column.
  8. Once you have completed your edits, click the Save button above the video player.
  9. A dialog box will appear. Click Yes to save your changes.

Video on editing captions

Ordering Professional Captions

Brandeis has a single contract with captioning services vendor Verbit to minimize costs. Verbit captions must also be reviewed for accuracy, but the editing required is minimal.

  • Fee: $0.81 - $1.40/minute depending on service tier and timeframe chosen—paid by your department

  • Turnaround time: Varies by service tier. 24 hours rush available.

For more details or to set up a Verbit account, contact


Many common video platforms integrate directly with Verbit—meaning your finished captions can be added to your video automatically. 

Platforms integrated with Verbit include:

Note: You may also order captions without integrating your video accounts. Once your caption file is complete, you will need to manually upload it to your video platform.

Automatic Captions

Autocaptions (captions created by machine) require thorough review for accuracy, spelling and punctuation before any video is made live.


  • Adding new captions in YouTube
  • Edit or remove existing captions in YouTube
  • Download YouTube captions for use in other video players.
    1. Login on and locate your video.
    2. Click on "subtitles" in the left-hand navigation menu.
    3. In the new screen, click on the 3 dot menu'
    4. Click on Download file
      • Choose .vtt for Ensemble and most other video platforms.
      • Choose .srt for Facebook
      • If you need the .txt file, go to the caption editor in YouTube and click the 3 dot menu next to "edit timings" and choose "download". That option will download a .txt file.

The file that downloads can be uploaded to Ensemble, Facebook, Echo360, Premier, etc.


Adding a Caption File