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Starting June 24, Workday will replace BUSS for a variety of functions, including entering time worked, requesting time off, updating your personal information, viewing your payslips and more. Please review the following information to prepare for Workday.

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Log in to Workday using your Brandeis account (username and password); same login you used for BUSS. You can access Workday from on or off campus using any computer, tablet or smartphone that has an internet browser.

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There are several ways to get support and learn more. Visit the Workday@Brandeis Support page for more information.

About the Workday at Brandeis Project

The Workday@Brandeis Project will bring Brandeis's administrative services in line with its excellence in teaching, research, and practice. In July 2019, the team launched the first phase of the Workday@Brandeis Project, focusing on HR, Payroll, and Finance processes. The transition to Workday provides our University community with real-time reporting, standardized business processes, and optimized administrative functions.

What's Workday

What Is Workday?