Workday at Brandeis

Navigating Finance Functions in Workday

To help you find what you need — and how to do it — we've created a training guide to help you manage your financial transactions and reports. If something you're looking for isn't listed, please open a Help Desk ticket ( and ask the ticket to be assigned to the Change Management Team.

I want to... I can find how to do it here...
Change the funding for a position for a position before payroll runs Assign Costing Allocation Job Aid
Change the accounting on a financial transaction Create Journal Entry Job Aid
Adjust the worktags assigned to a PCard transaction or supplier invoice Create Supplier Invoice Accounting Adjustment Job Aid
Change the funding for a costing allocation AFTER payroll has posted Create Payroll Accounting Adjustment Job Aid
Confirm Effort Certification for grand funded positions

Effort Certification - Reviewers (Review, Add Approver, Change Effort) 2023 Job Aid

Effort Certification - Certifiers/Approvers (Approve/Certify, Send Back) 2023

Run the Statement of Activities (SOA) Report in Workday Managing Your Budget in Workday Job Aid
I want to... I can find it here in Workday...
View the costing allocation for a student or staff or faculty member On the student/staff/faculty member's Workday profile, using the Pay tab.
View my budget The SOA Report
View the balance of a grant

Grant Budget and Expenses by Object Class Report OR

Grant Details Report