Workday at Brandeis

Navigating Student Functions in Workday

The following is a helpful resource for faculty and staff that outlines common tasks related to course management or student academic records along with where and how to complete the task in Workday. If something you're looking for isn't listed, please open a Help Desk ticket ( and ask the ticket to be assigned to the Change Management team.

I want to... I can find how to do it here...
Generate a list of students in a particular program of study

All Students BRANU Report

Enrollments by Major BRANU Report

View a list of available courses for the current academic period Find Course Sections Brandeis Report
View a class roster with a list of registered students

View Course Section Roster (Instructor)

View Course Section Roster (Administrator)

Course Section Roster BRANU Report

View a class roster that includes registered and waitlisted students and student email addresses Course Section Roster BRANU Report
View with courses were offered in a particular department in a particular academic term Course Section Data by Term BRANU report
Monitor class enrollment Find Course Sections Brandeis Report
View the counts of grades given by course (e.g., I want to see how many A's were earned in the Anthropology Department) Grade Distribution by Course (Matrix)
View historical degree information

Conferred Degrees Dashboard

Consolidated Statistics Reports

I want to... I can complete this task by navigating to this section of the Student's Profile Page
Review a student's degree audit Use the Academic Progress tab on the Academics tab
Change a student's major or minor or add a major or minor Change Program of Study on the Overview tab on the Academics tab
View a student's hold Use the Action Items and Hold tab
View a student's transfer credits or placement exam scores Use the External Records tab on the Academics tab
View  student's grade in a class Use the Academic History tab in the Academics tab
For instructions, including screenshots of the student profile page, please refer to the View Student's Academic Record Job Aid for the tasks outlined above.