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African and Afro-American Studies

London, UK

London, UK

There are many wonderful options all over the world for African and Afro-American Studies Majors and Minors to study abroad. This page contains information that will assist African and Afro-American Studies Majors and Minors in determining how to integrate study abroad into their Brandeis careers.

Studying abroad allows you to explore intellectual, cultural, economic, religious, social and historical issues related to Africans and people of African descent in another country outside of the United States. For more information on the undergraduate programs, please visit their website.

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For information about the African and Afro-American Studies major, please visit their departmental website.

Sample of Approved Programs

Visit the Brandeis Approved Programs List to review a comprehensive list of programs that offer coursework in African and Afro-American Studies. Click on "Advanced Search" to find programs with internship options.

Study Abroad Liaison

To assist students with their academic choices abroad and to help answer any questions about receiving major/ minor credit while abroad, each academic department and program has assigned a faculty member to serve as the Study Abroad Liaison. Majors or minors who plan to study abroad should speak with the study abroad liaison before they go abroad, and again once they have returned from study abroad.

The liaison for African and Afro-American Studies is Prof. Faith Smith. Please make an appointment with her to discuss the major and study abroad.

Receiving Credit in African and Afro-American Studies

Students wishing to receive credit in AAAS for coursework done off-campus during the academic year should discuss these plans with the study abroad liaison and when returned from abroad should download the Petition to Request Substitution for a Requirement form. After filling out the form and gathering the necessary paperwork, please make an appointment to meet with the study abroad liaison.

Funding Information

The Alberta Gotthardt and Henry Strage International Scholarship supports students wishing to study abroad in a developing country outside of the U.S., Canada or western Europe

Visit the Study Abroad Financial Information page to read more about funding your study abroad experience.

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