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Student Stories: China

"Studying abroad was definitely the key moment in my Brandeis life. I spent six months abroad, and it changed my perspective on life in so many ways. When I came back, I felt like a new, more interesting person, someone who had friends halfway across the world and spoke a foreign language. I went to China to learn the language and took some language-intensive programs, but even with all the schoolwork there was so many other things to learn that every day was fun and interesting. It also completely opened up a whole variety of career options, as companies, fellowships, and grad schools all love candidates that have spent extensive time abroad. It alerted me to the idea that all peoples around the world have similar desires but different ways of meeting them; for me, I realized that there was a whole hidden world of Chinese comedy that few were exploring, and I managed to get a Fulbright grant out of college to research Chinese comedy rather than working in sales or marketing back in the US. Overall, studying abroad is a great way to have an amazing time full of unique experiences in a short time."

Jesse Appell '12
Harvard Summer Program in Beijing, Summer 2010
CET/Intensive Chinese Language in Beijing, Fall 2010

"During my sophomore year at Brandeis University, I decided I would spend one year studying abroad in Shanghai despite the fact that I had never been to china before and spoke no Chinese. 

It was the best decision I ever made. 

I studied Chinese for a year at the Shanghai University of Finance and Economics and Fudan University. During this time I had the pleasure of exploring Shanghai, a city colossal in both its scale and expectations for the future. Shanghai is changing and developing so fast; and it will change you.

I'm currently employed at Spring Airlines, China's largest privately operated airline. I work in an office where little English is spoken and I must speak, read and write Chinese everyday. I would not be where I am today if I had never studied abroad in China.  While Brandeis has excellent Chinese instruction, any serious student of Chinese must spend a significant amount of time living in China. And it's not only the language you must learn, Chinese customs, behavior, and society are best learned by living, working and studying together with Chinese people. 

For any student interested in studying abroad in China, my advice is: take the leap. And if you do decide you want to come here, I highly recommend that you spend at least two semesters in China. Four months is just not enough to immerse yourself in this incredible world."

Clark Soucy '12
Alliance/ Shanghai University of Finance and Economics (Fall 2010)
Alliance/ Intensive Chinese Language at Shanghai University of Finance and Economics (Spring 2011)