Ask Einstein!

How Do I Check Out a Bike?

It’s easy! Proceed to the Information Booth in the Shapiro Campus Center during open hours, request a bike, and show your student I.D. Make sure to read and sign the liability waiver, receive your numbered keys, unlock the corresponding bike, unlock the helmet box (if you don’t have your own helmet), hop on, and ride!
To check the bike back in, lock the bike to the DeisBikes bike rack, return the helmet (if borrowed), bring the key back to the Information Booth, and report any damages.

Do I Need a Helmet?

Absolutely. Helmets are essential for riding safety on and off campus. We will provide you with a helmet, or you may bring your own. 

How Much Does it Cost?

This is a FREE program thanks to your friendly Student Union. 

How Long Can I Have a Bike For?

You may have a bike out for one day, during the hours the Information Booth is open. If you only plan on using the bike for an hour, PLEASE bring it back so someone else can use it.

What If I Damage My Bike?

All damages will be assessed by our mechanics. Small damages are on us, but larger damages as a result of carelessness will be charged to your student account. You must inspect your bike for damages and report these damages to the Information Booth, or else you will be fined.

What If I Bring My Bike Back Late?

You have until Information Booth closing hours to bring the bike back. If you are late however, $15 will be charged to your student account for each day the bike is not returned.

How Do I Know If There Is a Bike Available?

To check the availability of a bike, call the Information Booth at (781) 736-4770 during open hours. 

Which Number Bike Should I Choose?

When straddling the correctly-sized bike, your groin should be about an inch above the top tube.

Why Should I Ride a Bike?

To conserve fuel and avoid emitting harmful pollutants, travel at your own convenience, get some exercise, and HAVE FUN!