Policies and Contact


Shapiro Campus Center Information Booth Hours:

Monday through Friday
10:00am. to 11:00pm

Saturday and Sunday
2:00pm. to 11:00pm


Trained student mechanics will perform bike check-ups on a weekly basis for general bike maintenance and be the point of contact for semester long rentals. Our bike shop is located in the basement of Gordon Hall in North Quad. To schedule a bike shop visit, email deisbikes@lists.brandeis.edu or call Maya, our mechanic, at (206) 459-7434.

As needed, more significant repairs on individual bikes will be brought directly to Frank Spinoza, owner of Spoke ‘N’ Wheel on Main Street.


Late bike (by day) - $15
Lost helmet - $45
Lost lock - $20
Lost bike - $300
Lost parts - as priced


Contact Maya at mmrk@brandeis.edu for anything related to DeisBikes.