Biking Safety Tips


Before Riding:

  • Inspect the bike for damages to avoid incurring any fines. Any concerns should be brought to the Information Booth.
  • Are the tires reasonably inflated? Squeeze them to double check.
  • Do the bikes function properly? Spin the wheels to make sure.
  • Does anything seem loose or faulty? Gently bounce the bike by the handlebars to make sure all the parts are secure.
  • Is the bike size correct? Your groin should be about an inch above the top tube when straddling the bike.
  • Is the seat at the right height? Adjust to whatever is comfortable for you.
  • Does your helmet fit snugly? When properly adjusted, it should not wobble when you shake your head.
  • Be visible.Wear brightly colored clothing so cars and pedestrians can see you.
  • Understand traffic laws & rule
  • Learn how to avoid accidents with cars.
  • Use hand signals and ride in places where you will be seen.
  • Need help with your bike? Contact the bike mechanic.

Traffic Safety Tips & Resources (courtesy of MassBike):

Go By Bike: This document will give you a general safety overview, it uses easy to understand icons to help you know your place on the road (PDF scroll to the bottom of the page for the document).

Street Smarts: This fantastic book by John Allen delves deeply into the nuts and bolts of bicycle safety. Learn to make a left hand turn, learn how to ride safely in traffic, even what your rights and responsibilities are! This book has it all.

Same Roads Same Rules: MassBike’s outreach campaign to both motorists and cyclists!

Know Your Rights: As a cyclist in Massachusetts you have the same rights and responsibilities as anyone else who is using the road. Make sure you know your rights and responsibilities.

Take Your Bike For A Ride: Sometimes you just don’t want to pedal the entire way, that’s why MassBike has been working with the MBTA to provide a myriad of commuter opportunities for you. Yes, you CAN take your bike on the train!

What are all those gears for on your bike? Find out! Sheldon Brown explains using your gears.

Please read the  DeisBikes liability form before using DeisBikes: Bicycle Share Program. You will be required to sign this form before borrowing your bike.