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Anthropology in the News

Anthropology and the Rashomon Effect
American Anthropological Association
December 15, 2017

Brenton Easter '02—Modern Day Indiana Jones—Repatriates Stolen Artifacts
Brandeis Magazine
Winter 2016/2017

Casey Miller PhD '13 weighs in on gay rights in China
Global Journalist Radio
February 16, 2017

Charles Golden: Steward the Past and Avoid Harm
Anthropology News, Vol 56, Issue 11-12
November/December 2015

Anthropology major Kevin Dupont '16 Has Made the World His Classroom
November 16, 2015

Anthropologists' Research Contributions Recognized at National US Department of Veteran's Affairs Meeting
Anthropology News
October 21, 2015

Brandeis students digging up Concord’s hidden history
September 29, 2015

First Responders Want to Help Migrants but Immigration Policy Gets in the Way by Ieva Jusionyte PhD'12
The Guardian
September 21, 2015

Follow Anthropology Major Kevin Dupont '16 on His Trip Around the World!
Twitter @dupontkev2
Brandeis International Business School
May 5, 2015

Nepal in her Heart: Alina Pokhrel '15 strives to make a difference in her native land
April 29, 2015

Brandeis Inside Out: Hannah Young '15
Brandeis Feature Story
April 30, 2015

How We Define the Street: Jonathan Shapiro Anjaria
Indian Express
March 10, 2014

Alumna discusses research in economics and anthropology
The Justice
November 12, 2013

Día de los Muertos Celebration: Event Report (PDF)
Jacob Lurie
November 1, 2013

New journal explores signs across cultures, disciplines
October 8, 2013

Eli Philip '15: A Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Israeli Arab (PDF)
Imponderabilia Journal, 2013

Matt Kupfer '12 Named Carnegie Junior Fellow
Brandeis NOW
April 14, 2013

Faculty Spotlight: Casey Golomski
Brandeis Summer School Blog
April 10, 2013 

MBA Diaries: Watch and Learn
The Economist
March 13, 2013 

Employees Recognized for their Service
Brandeis NOW
December 11, 2012 

Brandeis doctoral alumnae Janina Fenigsen PhD '00 receives national recognition
NAU News
November 30, 2012 

Politics, Anthropology Scholars Win Fulbrights
Brandeis NOW
June 10, 2012

Student who'd never traveled founds arts NGO in Ghana
Brandeis NOW
June 5, 2012

Interview with Jessica Hardin on “Exchange and Health: Negotiating the Meaning of Food and Body among Evangelical Christians in Independent Samoa”
Wenner Gren Blog
April 5, 2012

Donald Slater: Archaeologist and Educator
National Geographic, Explorers Bio
December 9, 2011

Auslander Writes on Legacy of Slavery in Georgia
The Brandeis Hoot, Brandeis University
November 18, 2011

Sharing Art with Ghanian Children
The Brandeis Hoot, Brandeis University
Brandeis Anthropology Major and Anthropology Club President, Jessye Kass
November 11, 2011

Anthropology Can Be Blended with Science
The Justice, Brandeis University
Brandeis Anthropology Major, Leah Smith
December 7, 2010

Returning to India Best Option for Some Elderly
San Francisco Chronicle
February 21, 2010

Welcome Back to Life: Regeneration and Traumatic Memory in a Multiracial Lynching Reenactment
Boston University World of Ideas
Professor Mark Auslander speaking to the Boston University African American Studies Program
March 22, 2009

Community Center Eyed for Complex
The Daily News Tribune
November 5, 2007

Brandeis Connects Students to Community
The Daily News Tribune
October 24, 2007

Anthropology Class Reaches Out to Waltham Community
The Brandeis Hoot
October 5, 2007

Digging Into Waltham's Past
The Daily News Tribune
June 28, 2007

Grab Your iPod, Turn On, Tune In and Drop By
The Boston Globe
August 16, 2007

For Crystal Trulove '07, MA'07, Commencement Will Mark the End of a Remarkable Academic Journey
Brandeis University
May 2007

'Lost' in Sudan's Violence, She's Found Hope in USA
USA Today
July 23, 2007

Catching the Land
Brandeis University
November 7, 2006