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If you have questions, contact Sean Downey, Program Coordinator of the Post Bacc Program, or Christine Dunant, Senior Academic Administrator for the Fine Arts Department at Brandeis. Or give us a call at (781) 736-2655.

Visiting Artists

artist with students

The Post-Baccalaureate Program has a long and distinguished list of artists and critics that have visited the program, including:

Phoebe Adams
Sonia Almeida
Colleen Asper
Shimon Attie
Pedro Barbeito
Jake Berthot
Anna Betbeze
Mel Bochner
Jonathan Borofsky
Katherine Bradford
Mark Bradford
Tom Butter
Bernard Chaet
James Clark
Suzannah Coffey
Petah Coyne
Benjamin Degen
Mark Dion
Rochelle Feinstein
Ellen Gallagher
Josephine Halvorson
Deborah Kahn
Mary Reid Kelley
John Lees

Alfred Leslie
Steve Locke
Sangram Majumdar
Tom McGrath
Elizaveta Meksin
John Moore
Carrie Moyer
Dona Nelson
Dushko Petrovich
Judy Pfaff
Mika Rottenberg
Dana Schutz
Shahzia Sikander
Amy Silman
Laurel Sparks
Kyle Staver
Sarah Sze
Jude Tallichet
Roger Tibbetts
Jacques Louis Vidal
John Walker
Terry Winters
Michael Young

Senior Critic

Each academic year a distinguished visiting artist is selected to return repeatedly during the semester. The artist will generally come to Brandeis for individual critiques with students, to present lectures and attend final critiques.

For the 2014-2015 academic year, Richard Ryan is the senior critic.