Bi, Jing

Lecturer in Chinese

Day, Leanne

Florence Levy Kay Fellow in Asian American Pacific Islander Studies

Dowden, Steve

Professor of German

Expertise: Modern German Literature and culture; European modernism; comparative literature (esp. comparing literature with other art forms); the novel as form; literature and philosophy; the avant-garde.

Dubinina, Irina Y

Assistant Professor of Russian and Director, Russian Language Program

Expertise: Heritage languages (Russian), bilingualism, bilingual code-switching Second language acquisition general and language specific (Russian) Methods of second language instruction; language teacher education

Feng, Yu

Professor of Chinese

Expertise: Instruction of modern Chinese as a foreign language, Chinese pedagogy, classical Chinese language, traditional Chinese and oriental philosophy (Confucianism, Daoism, Buddhism), comparative ideas, and Chinese cultural heritage as a whole.

Fraleigh, Matthew

Associate Professor of East Asian Literature and Culture

Expertise: Classical and modern Japanese literature and language, cultural and literary exchange between China and Japan; literature of travel, Sinitic poetry and prose in East Asia

Fujiwara, Hisae

Assistant Professor of Japanese and Director of the Japanese Language Program

Expertise: -Vocabulary acquisition in Japanese as a foreign language -Kanji acquisition for students with alphabet-language backgrounds -Using strategies for reading Japanese as a foreign language

Hanna, Steven

Lecturer in Japanese

Lee, Eun-Jo

Lecturer in Korean

Expertise: Foreign/second language (L2) writing, socio-cognitive/socio-cultural theory and L2 learning, issues related to heritage language maintenance and development

Lu, Xiwen

Senior Lecturer in Chinese

Expertise: Teaching Chinese As A Second Language Computer-based and Internet-based teaching method Teaching Chinese at secondary level

Miller, Robin Feuer

Edytha Macy Gross Professor of Humanities

Expertise: The novel in Russia and Europe of the nineteenth century. The short story in Russia. The literature of childhood and children's literature.

Nakano, Yukimi

Lecturer in Japanese

Expertise: - Japanese Language - Second Language Acquisition (English as a second language and Japanese as a foreign language) - Japanese Literature (17th century Haikai and work of Matsuo Basho)

Powelstock, David

Associate Professor of Russian Language and Literature

Expertise: Modern Russian Literature, Modern Czech Literature, Russian & Czech Languages, Comparative Literature, Literary Theory, Translation Studies

Seidl, Kathrin

Assistant Professor of German and Director, German Language Program

Expertise: Exile - Cultural Exchange - Translation Studies - Online Teaching - Germans in Latin America / Colombia

Singh, Harleen

Associate Professor of Literature, and Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies

Expertise: Postcolonial Literature and Theory; Colonial Studies; South Asian Novel; Indian Film; Immigrant Literature; Women's and Gender Studies; South Asian Studies.

Tamaki, Mayumi

Lecturer in Japanese

von Mering, Sabine

Professor of German, and Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies, and Director, Center for German and European Studies

Expertise: German as a Foreign Language; Climate Change and the Humanities; Fairy Tales; Jewish-German Dialogue; German Women Writers, German Cinema, Age of Goethe, German Drama.

Wang, Pu

Helaine and Alvin Allen Chair in Literature

Expertise: Modern Chinese literature and culture in comparative frameworks; critical theory and translation studies; cultural Marxism; aesthetic modernity in the 19th and 20th centuries; intellectual history of China; comparative poetics.

Wei, Jian

Lecturer in Chinese

Expertise: -Chinese Language -Computer-based Teaching Pedagogy -Teaching Chinese at Beginning level and Advanced level -Advanced Conversational Chinese

Wong, Aida Yuen

Nathan Cummings and Robert B. and Beatrice C. Mayer Chair in Fine Arts and Associate Professor of Fine Arts

Expertise: Chinese and Asian Modern Art.

Woolhiser, Curt F.

Lecturer in Russian