Assistant Professor of Russian and Director, Russian Language Program


Ph.D., Bryn Mawr College

Field of Specialty

Heritage languages (Russian), bilingualism, bilingual code-switching
Second language acquisition general and language specific (Russian)
Methods of second language instruction; language teacher education

Contact Information

Shiffman Humanities Center 206

Irina Y Dubinina

I have a deep professional and personal interest in bilingualism and, more specifically, in its particular type known as "heritage bilingualism" which describes speakers who grow up with two languages, but whose chronologically first language follows a divergent acquisitional path as a result of an interruption by the introduction of a societally dominant language. Such situations are common in immigrant families all over the world where the home language of bilingual child becomes his or her heritage language which is much weaker than the dominant societal language of the host country. My work in the area of heritage bilingualism has focused on the production and comprehension of requests by speakers of heritage Russian in the U.S. I am also involved in research on bilingual children's language development (comparing data collected in Russia for monolingual children, and data collected in Germany and the USA for bilingual data) and in research on word order patterns (discourse pragmatics) in oral narratives of heritage speakers of Russian.


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Courses Taught

EL 94a Experiential Learning Practicum
RUS 10a Beginning Russian I
RUS 20b Beginning Russian II
RUS 29b Russian Language for Russian Speakers
RUS 30a Intermediate Russian I
RUS 105a Russia Today: Advanced Language Skills through Contemporary Culture
RUS 106b Advanced Russian Language through Film
RUS 115b Topics in Russian Culture and Society
RUS 150b Advanced Russian Language through 20th Century Literature
RUS 153a Advanced Russian Language through 19th Century Literature
RUS 160b Russian/Soviet Jews: Dual Identities in Text, Image and Music