Senior Lecturer in Chinese


M.A., Beijing Language and Culture University

Field of Specialty

Teaching Chinese as a second language
Computer-based and Internet-based language teaching
Second language acquisition
Teaching Chinese at secondary level

Contact Information

Jack, Joseph and Morton Mandel Center for the Humanities 120

Xiwen Lu

Xiwen Lu (陆熙雯)’s professional background is teaching Chinese as a second language, and she also explores in depth in the field of computer-based and Internet-based Chinese teaching method, Chinese language acquisition, and teaching Chinese at secondary level. In her academics career, she has taught different levels of Chinese in world leading programs such as Harvard Summer Program and Alliance. At her current faculty appointment here at Brandeis she teaches all levels of Chinese, Practical Chinese Phonetics, Lexics, Syntax, and Pragmatics, and Chinese Pedagogy. She serves as the undergraduate advising head, graduate student advisor, and Foreign Language Oversight Committee member. She also serves as the peer-reviewer for Chinese Teaching in the World (世界汉语教学) and Foreign Language Annuals.


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Courses Taught

CHIN 29b Pathways for Chinese Literacy
CHIN 30a Intermediate Chinese
CHIN 40b Advanced Intermediate Chinese
CHIN 105b Advanced Conversation and Composition II
CHIN 120a Readings in Contemporary Chinese Literature: Advanced Chinese Language
CHIN 200a Practical Chinese Phonetics, Lexics, Syntax, and Pragmatics
CHIN 201a Chinese Pedagogy I
CHIN 202b Chinese Pedagogy II
CHIN 211a Chinese Practicum I
CHIN 212b Chinese Practicum II