Professor of German, and Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies, and Director of the Center for German and European Studies


Ph.D., University of California, Davis

Field of Specialty

German as a Foreign Language; Climate Change and the Humanities; Fairy Tales; Jewish-German Dialogue; German Women Writers, German Cinema, Age of Goethe, German Drama.

Contact Information

Shiffman Humanities Center 209

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Sabine von Mering

Sabine von Mering teaches German Language and Culture. She is also a member of the core faculty in Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, and a member of the affiliated faculty in the Environmental Studies Program. She is currently working on the role of climate change as a challenge for the humanities. Her most recent scholarly work focused on right-wing extremism in Europe and the United States. As Director of the Center for German and European Studies she organizes lectures, conferences, and cultural events in the interest of promoting transatlantic dialogue.


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Courses Taught

EL 10a Experiential Learning Practicum
GATE 2a Critical Reading in the Humanities and Social Sciences
GECS 130b The Princess and the Golem: Fairy Tales
GECS 167a German Cinema: Vamps and Angels
GECS 188b Human/Nature: European Perspectives on Climate Change
GER 10a Beginning German
GER 30a Intermediate German
GER 120b Deutsche Mäerchen
GER 140a Bertolt Brecht und das Theater des 20.Jahrhunderts