Assistant Professor of Japanese, and Director of the Japanese Language Program


Ph.D., Carnegie Mellon University

Field of Specialty

-Vocabulary acquisition in Japanese as a foreign language
-Kanji acquisition for students with alphabet-language backgrounds
-Using strategies for reading Japanese as a foreign language
-Content Based Instruction

Contact Information

Jack, Joseph and Morton Mandel Center for the Humanities 116

Hisae Fujiwara

My Research focuses on reading in a foreign language using various strategies, and on exploring Japanese language teachers' thoughts about and practices in teaching Kanji and identifying the underlying factors in Kanji acquisition for learners with alphabet-language backgrounds.


Fujiwara, Hisae. "Teaching Japanese: Broadening Horizons through Learning Languages." Rev. of Nihongo o Oshieru: Kotoba wa Sekai wo Hirogeru, by Noriko Hirota. Journal of the Association of Teachers of Japanese. Japanese Language and Literature vol. 45 of 1 2011: 119-122.

Courses Taught

JAPN 10a Beginning Japanese
JAPN 20b Continuing Japanese
JAPN 120a Topics in Contemporary Japanese Culture and Society
JAPN 120b Readings in Modern Japanese Literature