Associate Professor of English


Ph.D., Stanford University

Field of Specialty

South Asian literature and film; Postcolonial literature and theory; Realism; The global novel

Contact Information

Rabb Graduate Center 239

Ulka Anjaria

Professor Anjaria teaches and researches South Asian literature and film. Her first book was a study of the mid 20th-century Indian novel, focusing on the movement of progressive writing that became dominant in the lead-up to Indian independence. Her forthcoming book considers the relationship of contemporary (2000 and beyond) Indian literature and film to new political imaginaries in India. She has also published articles on Hindi popular film (known as "Bollywood"), and on Pakistani literature.


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Courses Taught

ENG 1a Introduction to Literary Studies
ENG 20a Bollywood: Popular Film, Genre, and Society
ENG 32a 21st-Century Global Fiction: A Basic Course
ENG 40a Coming of Age in Literature
ENG 111b Postcolonial Theory
ENG 127a The Novel in India
ENG 167a Decolonizing Fictions
ENG 200a Approaches to Literary and Cultural Studies
ENG 230a Realism
ENG 350a Proseminar
SAS 100a India and Pakistan: Understanding South Asia