TEACHING TORAH to YOUNG CHILDREN: Creating a Community of Torah Learners

Shira Horowitz • South Area Solomon Schechter Day School •

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The development of this case was supported by the Mandel Center for Studies in Jewish Education at Brandeis University

Where Torah Study Fits In The School Day

In our school, each class begins every day with tefillot, a morning service. During our first grade tefillot, we take our Sefer Torah out of the Aron Kodesh for a brief Torah service every Monday and Thursday, the traditional Torah reading days. The class sings “Torah tziva lanu moshe” while one student walks around with the Torah and everyone has a chance to kiss it. I then open up the Torah and chant one or two lines from the week’s parasha in Hebrew. I name the week’s parasha and make explicit links to the Torah discussion we will have later. Our morning tefillot last about a half hour each day. On Mondays and Thursdays we schedule an additional 45 minute session for Torah study following tefillot.