The WGS Experience


" I completed assignment after assignment that challenged me to see the world differently, analyze constructs that I assumed to be natural, and stretch beyond the limited information I had about what it was to be a woman, a feminist, or an educated individual."

- Jessica Kent '09

About Us

From its beginnings with a single course offering in 1975, women’s studies at Brandeis has grown dramatically in curriculum, degree offerings and accomplishments as the field itself has burgeoned. In 1978, our undergraduate minor was established. In 1992, we added a graduate program that offers the M.A. jointly with a number of fields encompassing fine arts, humanities and social sciences. In 2003, a major was established, in 2005, the program changed its name and expanded its reach from Women’s Studies to Women’s and Gender Studies, and in 2010, a stand alone M.A. was established. Our curriculum includes interdisciplinary core courses and more than 80 cross-listed electives. In any given semester, about 20 courses are offered that could fulfill requirements for the major, the minor or the M.A. degree.

The Women’s and Gender Studies Program is staffed by a core faculty of 19 members, drawn from many different disciplines and supported by an even broader affiliate faculty representing nearly every Brandeis department. To complement its curricular mission, the program hosts lectures, symposia and study groups and offers student prizes, scholarships and special initiatives, most of which are sustained by a National Board. A newly launched Alumnae Network unites program graduates with faculty and current students for mutually enriching purposes.

The program welcomes your participation—as a student, faculty member, graduate or friend. Please visit the exciting pages of this website to gain a fuller sense of our degree programs, courses, projects, prizes, events and opportunities for participation.