Isak Kazes Prize

Created by Valya Shapiro ’61, in memory of her father and in honor of Jeanette Lerman ’69, this prize recognizes a student of outstanding achievement, integrity and passion for learning.

The Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Program annually selects the recipient of this prize. There is no application.

Award Recipents

2016-2017: Brie McLemore & Alex Montgomery

2015-2016: Margot Kotler

2014-2015: Stephanie Bonvissuto

2013-2014: Caty Taborda

2012-2013: Jesse Beal

2011-12: Kyley Caldwell

2010-11: Amy Hanes

2009-10: Shirly Bahar

2008-09: Ken Chih-Yan Sun

2007-08: Sarah Baer & Georgette Enervate 

2006-07: Shane R. Landrum

2005-06: Amanda Finizio
Laurie Nsiah-Jefferson

2004-05: Stacey Ellender

2003-04: Rachel Richer

2002-03: Melissa de Graaf

2001-02: Barb Browning

2000-01: Melissa-Ann Yeager

1999-00: Lisa English

1998-99: Heather Wilson

1997-98: Rona Sheramy

1996-97: Catherine Nichols