The Joint M.A. Experience

Arianne Johnson

"Pursuing the joint degree in Music and Women's and Gender Studies helped me solidify my own interests as a scholar, while challenging me to pursue a high level of research. At Brandeis I was surrounded by supportive colleagues and outstanding faculty mentors who encouraged me to explore the intersections between both of my chosen fields on a practical level. I also greatly benefited from the intellectual resources Brandeis has to offer, as well as the nurturing learning environment."

- Arianne Johnson, M.A. '13
Joint M.A. in Women's and Gender Studies and Music


Women's and Gender Studies Program
Director of Graduate Studies
Sarah Lamb
Department Joint M.A. Adviser
Anthropology Sarah Lamb
English Sue Lanser
Jane Kamensky
Near Eastern and Judaic Studies ChaeRan Freeze
Psychology Leslie Zebrowitz
Social Policy Laurie Nsiah- Jefferson
Sociology     Wendy Cadge
Sustainable International Development Kelley Ready