Deadline for Applications:

November 9, 2018

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Richard Saber Undergraduate Research Grant

This grant was established by Brian Saber '84 in 1993 in memory of his father, Richard Saber. The grant is awarded every fall to a Brandeis undergraduate to support a research project in the field of Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies.

Award Recipents and Project Topics

2017-18: Claudia Roldan
“Incorporation of Cultural Values in the Treatment of Post-Partum Depression for Latino Mothers”

2016-17: Cowinners
Mingyue Chen
“Life of Female Factory Labor in China"

Rachel Gabrilowitz
"Jewish Mothers of Autistic Children: Ritual and Disability Through a Feminist Lens"

2015-16: Aliya Bean
“Women’s Colleges, the Evolution of Romantic Friendships, and the Development of a Lesbian Identity (1890s-1930s)"

2014-15: Damiana Andonova
“The Life and Work of Mary Harris Thompson"

2013-14: Amalia Bob-Waksberg
“Historical and Contemporary Resources for Survivors of Intimate Partner Violence ”

2012-13: Jen Mandelbaum
“Cross-Cultural Analysis of Preconception Care Policy Implications in South Africa and the United States ”

2011-12: Caitlin Abber
“Women in Need of Healthy Project”

2010-11: Victoria Wiet
“Jewess Tattoess: Genealogies of Feminist Embodiement in Contemporary Performance”

2009-10: Anum Irfan Khan
"In Search of a Better Life: The Maternal Experience as an Immigrant in Massachusetts"

2008-09: Rebecca Sivitz

"Discourse and Discrimination: Women's Underepresentation and Failure in High School Debate"

2007-08: Jane Schlapkohl 
"Women's Perspectives on the use of Epidurals during Childbirth" 

2006-07: Angela Marchant
“Female Circumcision and Holistic Health”

2005-06: Chana Richman-Langman
“Jewish Women’s Childrearing Practices: A Content Analysis of Early 20th Century Eastern European Yiddish Sources”

2004-05: Mina Yoshioka
“An Economic and Anthropological Examination of Gender Discrimination in the Japanese Labor Market”

2003-04: Jessica Light
“Visual Attention on Women Approaching or Passed the Deadline of the 'Biological Clock’”

2002-03: Lily Davidson
“Why the Women’s Movement does not Move anymore: A Comparison of the Depoliticalization of Second Wave Feminism in the Netherlands and the United States”

2001-02: Jennifer Agmi
“An Examination of how Race, Class, and Gender affect the Psychological Well-being and Identity of Latino Immigrants”

2000-01: Tamara Grimm
“Binding Ties: Religion and Identity in a GLBT Jewish Congregation”

1999-2000: Elizabeth Pederson
“The Double Bind: The Choice Between Addiction and Motherhood”

1998-99: Abigail Judge
“Treatment for Anorexia Nervosa in an Era of Managed Care”

1997-98: Anne Pollock
“Narratives of Anonymous Paid Egg Donors”

1996-97: Nick Rubashkim
“Gay Culture’s Valorization of Masculine Gay Identity”

1995-96: Abigail Lawrence
“Social Mobility and the Immigrant Domestic Worker Experience”

1994-95: Jocelyn Karen Wilk
“'To Do My Duty to My Country’: The Girl Scouts and American Society in the 1920’s and 1950’s”

1993-94: Anupma Jain
“Women and Involuntary Resettlement in relation to the Sardor Sarovar Project in India”