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WGS Graduate Representatives Caty Taborda and Derek Whitt

Brandeis faculty and alumni are in the vanguard of feminist scholars worldwide. The Brandeis University Women's and Gender Studies Program (WGS) provides a strong grounding in discipline-specific studies along with an interdisciplinary education in the theories, methods, and scholarship of women's and gender studies. By introducing current research in a range of fields, the M.A. degrees create cross-disciplinary dialogue and prepare students for intellectual leadership in careers as diverse as public policy, education, social service, law, management, and writing. Doctoral students will find that our curriculum is excellent preparation for teaching in women’s and gender studies and in their chosen disciplines.

The Women's and Gender Studies Program offers a stand-alone M.A. program as well as several joint M.A. programs. The joint master's degree in women's and gender studies and another discipline may be pursued independently or in conjunction with a Ph.D. in one of several fields. There is no Ph.D. offered solely in women’s and gender studies. All of the degrees we offer are on the M.A. level.

Students pursuing the Joint M.A. are encouraged to enroll in courses offered by the Graduate Consortium in Women's Studies at Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

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