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March 4, 2019
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Giller-Sagan WGS Senior Paper Prize

The Giller-Sagan Prize was established in 1982 by Frimi and Eli Sagan, in honor of the grandmothers of Susannah Sagan '81. Sadie Giller and Esther Sagan left the shtetl in their teens and came to America in search of a full and complex life. The prize is awarded each year to a senior major or minor for the finest Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality studies class paper (including essays and theses) written in their tenure at Brandeis.

Award Recipents and Topics

2017-18: Yael Jaffe 

“Shuley, Shulie, Shulamith: The Evolution of Shulamith Firestone”

2016-17: Kiana Nwaobia
“The Right to Pleasure: Race's Queer Interruptions and Legacies of Pain in Po Man's Child"

2015-16: Cowinners
Cecile Afable
“Toward Normalizing Multiplicity: A Historical Analysis of the Legal Construction of Intersectional Identities in Title VII Cases.”

Aliya Bean
“These Girlish Devotions: Women’s Colleges, the Evolution of Romantic Friendships, and the Development of a Lesbian Identity (1890-1939)”

2014-15: Victoria Jonas'15

“A Historical Analysis of Institutional Support for Sexual Violence:  The Campus Rape Crisis Center, Student Activism and Other Best Practices for the American College Campus”

2013-14: Amalia Bob-Waksberg '14
"We Who Believe in Freedom Can No Longer Wait: An Exploration of the Histories and Practices That Have Shaped Contemporary Understandings of Violence Against Women"

2012-13: Justin Booska '13
"A Plea for Legal Reform of Rape Statutes in the United States:  Why All People Deserve to Be Legally Protected from Rape"

2011-12: Supreetha Gubbala '12
"The Promise of Planned Pregnancy:  A Qualitative Study of Family Planning Attitudes and Practices Among HIV Positive Women in Gihembe Refugee Camps"

Kasey Wooten '11
“Living with Smoke: Women, Empowerment, and Everyday Struggle in Post Conflict Acholiland, Uganda”

Victoria Wiet '11
“(Un)dressing the Archive: Geneologies of Female Embodiment in Marisa Carnesky’s Jewess Tattooess”

2009-10: Alison Channon '10
"From Conjugal Rights to Bodily Self-Possession: Confronting Marital Rape in  Nineteeth-Centry America"

2008-09: Jessica Seitz '09
"Female Judges and a Feminine Jurisprudence: Do Female Judges Reason More Contextually?"

 2007-08: Sarah Fishman '08

"Jewish/Gentile Intermarriage as a Blessing: Non-Jewish Women as Guardians of Jewish Tradition" 

2006-07: Jennifer L. Feinberg '07
“Fostering Women’s Political Ambition: Who Runs for Congress, Who Wins, and How to Expand the Pool”

2006-07: Angela M. Marchant '07
“Tutafanyaje? What Should We Do?: Happy’s Okoaroka and Female Circumcision in Bongina, Kenya”

2005-06: Zahra Ayubi '06

"American Muslim Women Negotitating Divorce"

2004-05: Julia Moskowitz '05
"Freeing Yourself Was One Thing; Claiming Ownership To That Freed Self Was Another: Sethe's Struggle to Claim Her Own Identity In Beloved, by Toni Morrison"

2003-04: Corey Hope Leaffer '04
“Teaching Brandeis to Transgress: Normative Whiteness and the Implications of Jewish Identity for Race Relations and Institutionalized Racism”

2002-03: Lillian Davidson '03
"Why the Women's Movement Does Not Move Anymore: A Comparison of Obstacles to Feminist Activism in the United States and the Netherlands”

2001-02: Suzy Stone '02
"Questioning the Silence: An Intersectional Approach Towards Social Change"

2000-01: Arielle Parker '01

1999-2000: Jennifer Goulston '00
"Ratio Shift: A Study of Personal Growth, Psychological Development, and Transition in Adult Female Athletes"

1998-99: Chava E. Zibman '99
"Marriage and the Earned Income Tax Credit: Who Wins, Who Loses, and Why?"

1997-98: Miriam Eve Heller '98
"World War I and the battle of life: A social history based on the diaries of Frances Lesser"

1996-97: Hilary Prager '97
"Gender equality: the controversy over single-sex education"

1995-96: Abigail Lawrence '96

1994-95: Rachel Lisa Bragin '95
"Nations in Their Texts: Negotiating Identity, Culture, and Commitment in U.S./Third world Women's Writing"

1993-94: Shireen Deboo '94
"Responding to Crisis: Rural Women and Activism in India"

1993-94: Gavi Elyn Hollander '94
"A Life Divided: The Struggle Between Secularism and Traditionalism in Examples of American Jewish Fiction"

1992-93: Judith K. Taylor '93

1992-93: Julia Rachel Wittner '93

1991-92: Lynne Gerber '92

1990-91: Raquel Kosovske '91
"Dialogue on the Beautiful: Lesbian Poetry and the Dutiful Daughter"

1990-91: Linda Schlossberg '91
"Women, Food, and Hunger in Victorian Literature"

1989-90: Beth Kaufman '90

1989-90: Emily Trinkaus '90

1988-89: Alka Gurung '89

1987-88: Ann Eisenberg '88
“Room for the Woman Poet: Renovating the Master's House”

1987-88: Christine M. Mikolich '88

1986-87: Lisa Marie Burgess '87

1985-86: Robyn L. Rosen '86

1984-85: Arthur Kiron '85

1983-84: Leah Binder '84

1982-83: Laura H. Rotenberg '83

1981-82: Donna S. Arons '82
"Marital Violence and the Legal Response"