Foundational Literacies

The Brandeis Core will enable you to focus on learning goals central to your academic and professional success: becoming an effective communicator, researcher and critical thinker. No matter your course of study or professional interests, these bedrock skills will prepare you for a life of learning and mastery.

With the exception of quantitative reasoning, you can fulfill these foundational literacies through courses and/or equivalent experiences within your major.

2020-21 Faculty Committees

Writing Intensive Committee

Name Department
James Mandrell, Chair Romance Studies
Rick Alterman Computer Science
Karen Desmond Music
Maura Farrelly American Studies
George Hall Economics
Albion Lawrence Physics
Teresa Mitchell Psychology

Oral Communication Committee

Name Department(s)
Jennifer Cleary, Chair Theater Arts
Tory Fair (Fall 2020) Fine Arts
Jerome Tharaud English
Rebecca Torrey Mathematics
Esther Brandon Research and Instruction Services

Digital Literacy Committee

Name Department
Tim Hickey, Chair Computer Science
John Burt English
Robert Duff Music
Alice Kelikian History
Dmitry Kleinbock Mathematics
Esther Brandon Research and Instruction Services
Zoe Weinstein Research and Instruction Services

Quantitative Reasoning Committee

Name Department(s)
Paul Miller, Chair Biology, Neuroscience
Xiaodong Liu Psychology
Rebecca Torrey Mathematics
John Wardle Physics
Keith Merrill Mathematics
Margarita Corrall LTS
Nelson Economics