Health, Wellness and Life Skills

How do you balance academic, work, family, social and professional commitments? How do you navigate difficult situations, or stay safe in potentially dangerous ones? What is your role in global stewardship?

You can’t be your best self without healthy mind and body habits. Enter health, wellness and life skills.

This module helps you build confidence and resiliency, manage challenges and develop a solid foundation of general life skills. Stress management, financial literacy and drug and alcohol education are among the numerous courses that will help you build skills for physical, mental and spiritual health.

How to fulfill the health, wellness and life skills requirements

Learning Goals

2020-21 Health, Wellness and Life Skills Committee

Name Department
Andrea Dine, Chair Student Affairs
Sarah Berg Prevention, Advocacy and Resource Center
Leah Berkenwald Health and Wellness Promotion
Andrew Marx University Registrar
Michael Matt Athletics
Paola Servino Romance Studies
Kate Stutz Academic Services
Sabine von Mering German, Russian and Asian Languages and Literature
Joy Von Steiger Counseling Center