Discretionary Research Funds

Brandeis provides arts and sciences departments and faculty with discretionary research funds in order to support and maintain the scholarly enterprise in a flexible and decentralized way.

To this end, all arts and sciences departments whose faculty bring in external research funding, and all A&S faculty who hold external research grants will be given discretionary research funds, the balances from which can be spent on any expense that supports the scholarly or research enterprise. In order to calibrate the contributions to these funds to reflect externally funded research activity, and to incentive seeking of grants with indirect cost recovery at the full rate, contributions to these funds will be based on the expended indirect cost recovery from faculty research grants, as follows:

  1. Two percent of the total ICR from each faculty member's grants deposited in the faculty member's discretionary fund.
  2. Three percent of the sum of the ICR from the faculty grants in each department deposited in the departmental discretionary fund.

  3. Balances will be credited each year based on actual indirect cost recovery over the previous fiscal year, taking into account the following guidelines:
  • If a faculty member leaves the university, any balance in the discretionary account will revert to the university.
  • Use of the accounts must follow university policies and procedures. These funds cannot be used for personal use.
  • These funds cannot operate in deficit balance.