Theodore and Jane Norman Fund for Faculty Research and Creative Projects in Arts and Sciences

Theodore and Jane Norman Awards for Faculty Scholarship

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The Theodore and Jane Norman Awards for Faculty Scholarship support faculty research, creative projects or course development.

Awards of up to $3,500 per academic year are available for direct project-related expenses such as use of collections, acquisition of data, publication and open access charges, travel, rental or purchase of equipment, preparation of manuscripts including indexing, hiring undergraduate or graduate student research assistants, purchasing of scholarly materials, supplies and services, publication subventions (please upload documentation from the publisher) and book manuscript and article workshops. Norman Funds can also be used for professional development programs including the National Center for Faculty Development and Diversity's Faculty Success Program for pretenure faculty and for tenured faculty seeking promotion to full. For funds to attend a scholarly meeting when you are presenting, please apply for a Faculty Travel Award.

Any equipment purchased with these funds is the property of the university. Budget requests should follow the guidelines below. Funds should be used before the end of the following fiscal year.


Faculty in tenured, tenure-track or renewable positions of at least half-time status in arts and sciences are eligible. Temporary appointments, visiting faculty and union-eligible faculty are not eligible. (Union-eligible faculty are referred to the “Professional Development Fund” section of the Collective Bargaining Agreement.) Preference will be given to faculty in the creative arts, humanities and social sciences who do not have access to external research support. In years when funding is limited, preference will be given to junior faculty and faculty who have not received Norman awards. Please contact the Office of the Dean of Arts and Sciences if you are unclear about eligibility.

Selection Criteria and Considerations

The Office of the Dean of Arts and Sciences will review applications and determine both the number of grants and the size of the awards. Applications will be judged on the basis of the following criteria and considerations:

Application Procedure

Completed applications, which should be no longer than one page, should address the following:

For Research & Creative Arts Projects

Clearly describe the basic ideas and questions to be addressed by the proposed project. In what ways will the research or creative work contribute to the field, and to the applicant’s larger plan of work? Where will the work be done? What is the methodology? How much will be accomplished during the grant period and what are the plans and timetable for completing the project? How will these funds make this work possible?

For Article and Book Manuscript Workshops

Provide a brief description of the article or book project, its contribution to the field(s), and a clear statement indicating the status of the manuscript. For article manuscript workshop, applicants must indicate which top tier journal they are seeking to publish their article in. If the draft manuscript is not complete at the time of application, please provide an additional statement detailing a timeline to completion, keeping in mind that a completed draft manuscript must be distributed to reviewers at least 2 months (for article manuscript workshops) or 3 months (for book manuscript workshops) ahead of the proposed workshop date. Applicants should also provide a tentative date for the workshop, a ranked listing of at least 4 (article manuscript workshops) or 6 (book manuscript workshops) non-Brandeis scholars mainly from the greater Boston area who can be invited to serve as reviewers along with a short rationale for their inclusion, their university affiliation, and email addresses. Questions about Norman Fund applications for Article and Book Manuscript Workshops can be directed to Carina Ray, director of faculty mentoring, at

For Scholarly Indexes

What is the project for which these indexing funds will be used? How complete is that project and what is the timeline for completing the index? Who will complete the indexing and how will the applicant supervise this work? Please confirm in your application that the publishing venue does not provide funds available for this purpose.


For 2020-21, applications for funding are due by Oct. 16, 2020 and March 12, 2021.  Retroactive applications will not be considered.

Budget Guidelines

In preparing budgets please be aware that:

Applications that are not accompanied by a detailed budget will not be considered.

Theodore and Jane Norman Junior Faculty Research Leaves

All full-time, tenure-track faculty whose normal teaching load is at least two courses per year are guaranteed one semester of paid research leave in either the fourth or fifth year of residence at the university.

Eligible faculty must consult with their departmental chairs and chairs of affected interdepartmental programs about the timing of their leaves. Chairs will notify the dean of arts and sciences about the requested semester for the leave and may seek course replacements on an as-needed basis solely for curricular reasons. Courses will be replaced at the discretion of the dean of arts and sciences.

Letters of reappointment will convey to assistant professors that they should consult their chairs about the timing of their leaves. Requests for leaves and any requested replacement courses should be made in the context of the department chair’s annual curriculum/budget-planning memorandum to the dean of arts and sciences in December for the following academic year.

Theodore and Jane Norman Salary Replacement Award

Faculty who receive major, prestigious external grants or fellowships (e.g., Guggenheim; Fulbright; ACLS; NEH; Radcliffe Institute; AAAS Fellows; and grants from "in- residence" centers such as the National Humanities Center) may request salary replacement, up to a maximum of $15,000 per semester, to maintain the level of that salary for up to one year (two semesters). Recipients may also request continuation of health insurance and other benefits while on leave, although certain benefits may not be available or may be reduced because of legal limitations in the benefits plans.


All continuing, full-time faculty in arts and sciences are eligible, but preference will be given to faculty who have not recently received a Norman Salary Replacement Award.

Selection Criteria and Procedure

The dean of arts and sciences, in consultation with the president, will review requests and determine the amount of salary replacement. Requests will be judged on the basis of the candidate’s long-term contributions and commitment to Brandeis, and on the potential contribution of the fellowship/grant to the faculty member’s long-term research, scholarly, creative trajectory and/or professional development.

Application Procedure

Requests in memorandum or email form detailing the nature and terms of the external grant received, and the funding requested for salary replacement, should be submitted to the dean of arts and sciences, MS 120. A parallel request for unpaid leave or sabbatical (as appropriate) should be submitted at the same time, along with the department chair’s endorsement of the leave/sabbatical request. Requests will be considered at any time, but preference will be given to requests received by April 1 of the year preceding the leave/sabbatical. Where possible, faculty applying for such grants or fellowships, who anticipate asking for Norman salary replacement funding if the grant/fellowship is awarded, should notify the dean’s office at the time of initial application to the outside agency, to facilitate budgetary planning.

Payment Procedure

Once salary replacement is granted, please contact the director of budget and planning, Office of the Dean of Arts and Sciences (ext. 6-3497,, as soon as possible to discuss appropriate payment procedures and issues related to benefits and fringes.