Brand Narrative

A brand narrative is a concise, streamlined story that acts as the platform for an organization’s marketing and communications.

A brand narrative is a not a script for you to repeat verbatim, but a messaging framework for you to interpret and communicate, as needed, through your own unique lens.

Brandeis’ brand narrative centers on this statement:

Brandeis is a research university shaped by a spirit of rigorous inquiry. And because Brandeis is smaller than other research universities, it is also marked by a particular connectivity. Faculty, students and staff engage with others across departments, disciplines and interests. This results in an academic and social environment that is both deeply curious and collaborative.

Core Themes

There are two concepts here: The first is that Brandeis is a place of intellectual rigor. The second is that because Brandeis is smaller than other similarly rigorous research universities, its culture features a kind of connectedness you don’t find elsewhere.

That connectedness is not hard to find. It exists in the cross-departmental research that occurs at Brandeis, especially in the sciences. It exists in the unusual combinations of majors and courses that students routinely undertake here. And it exists in the way our students freely join many different clubs and move socially across different groups.