Tertiary Sub-Brand Logos

The visual identity system incorporates specific designs for schools, centers and programs that require identification as a sub-unit of one of Brandeis’ professional schools — for example, centers and institutes under the auspices of the Heller School or the International Business School.

Brandeis The Heller School for Social Policy and Management Institute for Behavioral Health logo

This “tertiary” design consists of the Brandeis wordmark with the official name of the professional school set to the right in all caps and the name of the unit in upper- and lowercase letters.

The decision about whether a particular school, center or program has this logo treatment is made by the Office of Communications, Marketing and External Relations, in consultation with Brandeis’ divisional leadership. A unit should not attempt to develop this logo treatment or any other logo for itself. The Office of Communications, Marketing and External Relations will produce the artwork for these unit logos.

The same guidelines regarding size, placement and color treatments that apply to the secondary sub-brand treatments apply to these tertiary treatments.