Tenants and User Liability Insurance Policy (TULIP)

The university does not want to be exposed to undue liability risk for allowing groups and individuals to use university facilities and premises for their activities. Certain activities that present liability risk may require the user, or tenant, to provide evidence of liability protection.

The university offers access to a Tenants and Users Liability Insurance Policy (TULIP) issued through Arthur J. Gallagher, although outside entities may find liability insurance by contacting a local insurance broker. Insurance coverage for approved events may be purchased from any insurance carrier meeting the standards established by the Risk Management Department.

The Arthur J. Gallagher policies are for outside entities or individuals that want to use university premises and that may not otherwise have liability insurance. The policies protect both the facility user and Brandeis University against claims by third parties who may be injured as a result of participating in an event. The program is designed to facilitate the purchase of coverage for an event, and may be a less expensive option to acquiring a policy on an annual basis. The cost and availability of liability insurance under these programs is based on several factors, including the nature of the event, the duration of the event, and the anticipated number of participants.

To determine the availability and cost of insurance available visit the vendor's website.

  • To access the Gallagher coverage, go to Gallagher's URMIA TULIP website. Select "Quick Quote" and enter the appropriate location code from the drop down list, and then provide all of the requested information to complete the quote process.

In most cases, approval for the policy will be given immediately. In these instances, the cost will be displayed and payment via a credit card requested. Payment is the sole responsibility of the group or individual purchasing the policy.

In cases where additional information or underwriting consideration is required, review of the information by an insurance underwriter will be required. This process may take up to ten business days to complete. You will be notified directly by a representative of the corresponding vendor when a decision has been made.

Confirmation of coverage will be sent directly to the Risk Management Department.

You can download the How to Use the TULIP program Guide (pdf).