Procurement Staff

John Storti
(781) 736-8686

Courtney Sampson
(781) 736-4266

Ellie Hunter
(781) 736-4484

Mark Jay
(781) 736-4505

Paola Briamonte
(781) 736-4510

Doing Business at Brandeis

Suppliers and service providers interested in working with Brandeis are encouraged to send company literature and three references to:

Brandeis University
Attn: Procurement Services
415 South St. MS 48
Waltham, MA 02453

Operating as a centralized purchasing function, Brandeis University Procurement Services manages the procurement of goods and services through the employment of sound and ethical business practices.

Insurance Requirements

Brandeis University has a no solicitation policy.  All vendors must contact Procurement prior to visiting campus.