Cell Phone Policy

Effective July 1, 2023
Policy Owner/Proponent: Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer


This policy has been revised and is effective July 1, 2023. The University will no longer provide
allowances or other forms of reimbursements for cell phones, data plans, or other types of remote
connectivity. Below is information on the new policy, actions you need to take within your individual
department, and some answers to frequently asked questions. This policy will comply with all applicable
state or local laws related to equipment and services.


Historically, the use of Brandeis-sponsored cell phones has varied widely from department to department,
creating huge disparities in who is receiving financial support for their cell phone and data plans and how
much and what type of support they are receiving. Most institutions have moved away from direct support
for cell phones altogether, as now almost everyone has a cell phone and data plan. In addition wi-fi is
available on campus and in most homes for email/data usage. This is a completely different environment
from even 5 or 10 years ago when fewer people carried cell phones and voice and data service plans
were much more restricted.
Brandeis recognizes that the use of cell phones and mobile access to data is a common practice for
many employees and that almost all employees are using personal cell phones at various times for work related
With the advent of remote work and hybrid work schedules it is the responsibility of the employee who
wishes to avail themselves of these flexible work opportunities.
Brandeis will no longer purchase or own any phone equipment (with a few public safety, emergency
service and facilities exceptions, noted below), reimburse or carry service contracts used by employees.
Employees will maintain their own equipment and service contracts.

Frequently Asked Questions