Fair Vendor Relations

The highest standards of business ethics and conduct should be applied by all Brandeis employees in relations with suppliers. When making decisions affecting suppliers, employees shall not obligate either themselves or the university to a supplier without appropriate authorization. In conducting business with suppliers, employees are also expected to act fairly and objectively and in the best interests of the University.

Procurement and Business Services is responsible for vendor relations.  In cases when the appropriate Procurement Representative is not already providing the communication interface with suppliers, employees should consult with Procurement Business Services.

Fairness to suppliers is promoted by the following means:

  • By not soliciting quotes from a potential supplier unless we are willing to use that supplier should the offer be acceptable in quality, price, delivery terms and service. Qualifications of a supplier will be determined by Procurement Services before a quotation is requested.
  • By keeping competition open and fair.
  • By keeping prices confidential and not divulging those prices to competitors.
  • By discouraging revision of bids after submission and insisting on receiving the best price initially and holding the bidder to it.
  • By keeping buying specification fair and clear and not including impractical or unnecessary specifications.


Mutual communication between supplier and Buyer is not only encouraged, it is considered to be one of the most important factors in business. While cultivation of a business relationships must be maintained, employees should only accept such intentions as they would from any other person and keep themselves free from obligation. Employees must not become obligated to any supplier and shall not participate in any transaction in which they may personally benefit. No gifts, beyond those of an advertising nature and insignificant value, generally distributed to all potential customers, may be accepted by any Brandeis Employee. Gifts received which are unacceptable according to this policy shall be returned to the donors.


Brandeis employees shall not accept purely social entertainment offered or sponsored by suppliers. Entertainment is not construed to mean an occasional business meal or a function where Brandeis stands to benefit from the supplier association.