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HAWP is thrilled to offer Brandeis students free subscriptions to Headspace, a science-backed meditation and mindfulness app. 

Navigating academia, whether as an undergraduate or graduate student, can be overwhelming. That's where the Headspace app comes in – a practical tool for your academic and personal journey.
  • Discover clarity amidst the chaos: Guided meditations help center and calm you amid complex academic challenges and social pressures.
  • Boost focus and productivity: Specialized exercises enhance concentration, making studying more effective.
  • Tackle stress anywhere, anytime: Breathing exercises, mini-meditations, and quick relaxation tools are designed to help you manage stress on-the-go.
  • Holistic growth: Nurture every aspect of your personal development journey, from managing relationships to growing your self-confidence.
  • Enhance sleep: Sleep-focused meditations and techniques help you unwind, relax, and improve your sleep quality.

Register for Headspace now and embark on a journey towards better focus, reduced stress, improved sleep, and overall mental clarity. Your Brandeis experience is about to get a whole lot more centered – one mindful moment at a time.

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If you are a Brandeis staff member interested in Headspace, please email HAWP for more information.