Virtual Stressbusters

Image of a cartoon sloth

On this page, you will find a collection of videos, websites, podcasts, playlists, and resources to help you relieve stress. We hope you will find what you need here to support you during stressful times.

This collection of Stressbuster content was curated by the Wellness Programmers, a group of staff and students representing multiple departments and organizations on campus committed to improving the well-being of the Brandeis community.

Right now, I need:

To chill

To be distracted

To move

To be present

To create

To be nourished

Chocolate chip cookie image by Joy the Baker.

To be uplifted

To get some support

If you would like additional help, please utilize one of the many support resources at Brandeis, including the Brandeis Counseling Center at 781-736-3730.

Gratitude journal image by peonyandthistle.