Academic Course: HWL 42 The Art of Resilience - Strategies to Thrive in a Stressful World

HWL 42 is a 6-week, not for credit course offered to meet the Health, Wellness, and Life Skills core academic requirement. In this course, students will explore the philosophy and practical applications of resilience, and engage in self-reflection and personal exercises to strengthen resiliency, grow from failure, and meet challenges with a positive mindset. Usually offered in the spring semester.

Resilience Working Group

The Resilience Working Group meets regularly to promote resilience among undergraduate and graduate students with an emphasis on connecting students to campus resources. In 2019-2020 academic year, the Resilience Working Group produced three Resilience Fairs. In 2020-2021, they have focused on creating documents to help students identify and engage with campus resources. Resilience Working Group members include:

  • Wendy Gordon, Care Team Case Manager
  • Vilma Uribe, Assistant Director of Advocacy at PARC
  • Mai Dewees, Program Coordinator at Graduate Student Affairs
  • Leah Berkenwald, Director of Health Promotion and Wellness Initiatives

Resilience Resources

This is a list of ongoing, drop-in or scheduled times for students to have casual or structured connections through conversations. Find links to campus resources and information about how to get connected with Brandeis community members who want to support students. The first step to getting connected is to reach out!

A Brandeis University Resource Guide, Created March 2021