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Jewish mother and baby

How Judaism Honors New Mothers, From Medieval Embroidery to New Traditions Today

Professor Lisa Fishbayn Joffe explores the Jewish history and traditions that value and celebrate motherhood.

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Family at a bat mitzvah

"The introduction of bat mitzvah was a steppingstone to expanding roles for women in every part of the Jewish world," scholar Lisa Fishbayn Joffe argues.  

A 13th-century Byzantine image of the prophet Elijah from the Monastery of Saint John Lampadistis in Cyprus.

In a new book, scholar Daniel C. Matt '72 traces Elijah's transformation from a zealous prophet fired by God to the harbinger of the Jewish messiah. 

A man with a yarmulke in temple, leaning over to see the altar

Rabbi Eric Yoffie '69 argues that worship over a computer can never substitute for praying together in person.