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Indian spices

Discover the World of Indian Jewish Cuisine

Author Esther David traveled the country to discover its culinary traditions and delights. 

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A page of the book with Hebrew and The Divine Service of American Israelites for the New Year. Isaac M. Wise

September 3, 2021

The rare and precious books and artifacts in the archives show how the Jewish religion has changed over the centuries.

Pres. Donald Trump in the Oval Office flocked by several people

Photo Credit: Alex Wong/Getty Images

The Conversation

The infamous antisemitic conspiracy theory, long disproven, still finds believers today.

'Anti-Semitism in America'

Brandeis Now

Jonathan Sarna, one of the country's preeminent historians of American Judaism, offers his recommendations for anyone interested in understanding how we got to where we are today.

The Boston Agunah Taskforce meeting at the WSRC/HBI at Brandeis

Brandeis Now

Traditional Jewish law requires a woman to get her husband's approval to end a marriage. Legal scholar Lisa Fishbayn Joffe advocates for a more egalitarian approach.

A man dressed in 20th-century clothes fiddles on the roof while a modern-dressed man sits with his laptop

Brandeis Magazine

After taking an Eastern European Jewry class at Brandeis, the author realizes he was a schmuck for not knowing more about his past.