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Matthew Brooks with former President Trump

Leading the Charge for Republican Jews

"A strong America with a vibrant economy, energy independence, secure borders, and law and order is good not only for the country but also for the Jewish community," says Matthew Brooks '87, head of the Republican Jewish Coalition.

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Actor Annette Miller

A new play starring Annette Miller, BA '58, MFA'76, explores the decades-long controversy over performing the antisemitic composer's works.

Emi Watanabe Cohen and book cover

Emi Watanabe Cohen '21 draws on her Japanese and Jewish roots to craft fantasy novels that feature Yiddish-speaking dragons and golems.

Zoosman at an anti-death penalty rally in front of Congress in September 2020

Michael Zoosman '03 spearheads a movement of Jewish activists battling to outlaw capital punishment. The death penalty "is a slap in the face of any spiritual, legal, or ethical tradition," he said