Latin American, Caribbean and Latinx Studies

Bachelor of Arts in Latin American, Caribbean and Latinx Studies

A deep and nuanced understanding of the diverse cultures, histories and geopolitics of the Americas, the Caribbean and the U.S. Latino community has arguably never been more relevant or more urgent.

More than a half-century old, our program embraces a broad interdisciplinary approach to studying Latin America and Latino culture, with particular strengths in history, politics, literature and anthropology. At the same time, you will be encouraged to locate and delve into an area of particular interest to you. We encourage you to do research — from Boston to Belize to Brazil — and we’ll connect you with the right faculty member to do so.

The Latin American, Caribbean and Latinx Studies (LACLS) Program is a locus of nonstop activity, with a full roster of guest lectures, film screenings, theater events, field trips and talks by visiting artists and writers. We even host Graffiti Week, which features a tagging demonstration by a world-renowned Brazilian street artist.

Our graduates go on to careers in such varied areas as academia, law, the nonprofit sector, medicine, filmmaking and international affairs, often with a connection to the Latino community.

Why Brandeis?

Our accessible, enthusiastic faculty are experts in a range of disciplines, and they are as devoted to your learning as they are to their research. Our program offers prizes and travel grants to support your research in the U.S. or abroad. Brandeis is home to a robust collection of films on Latin America and the Latino diaspora in the United States — all available to you.

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“"The (LACLS) major pushes you to mold your own experience and create a learning track that caters to what you are most interested in, while dabbling in other topics where brilliant professors stimulate passion for things you never thought would interest you!"”

Alex Ashley ’18