Video Editing and Formatting

Adobe Premiere logo
Adobe Premiere

Premiere is our recommended all-purpose tool for video editing. It integrates seamlessly with other Adobe products for multimedia projects and can natively edit a variety of file formats.

Adobe After Effects logo
Adobe After Effects

After Effects is the perfect application for video compositing, post-processing and special effects. Traditionally used after all other editing is finished, you can also use it to "live-edit" your clips in Adobe Premiere—before you've even finished your movie.

Adobe SpeedGrade logo
Adobe SpeedGrade

SpeedGrade is a powerful tool for color correction. Used in conjunction with Adobe Premiere, you can "live edit" your color corrections without having to export your movie first.

Adobe Media Encoder logo
Adobe Media Encoder

Adobe Media Encoder allows you to convert between a variety of file formats. It supports image, video, and audio conversions, and is much faster than the leading competitor (Compressor).

DaVinci Resolve logo
DaVinci Resolve

DaVinci is the industry-standard application for color grading. The latest version combines these features with professional online and offline editing, audio post-production, and visual effects.

Screenflow logo

Text to come.

Handbrake logo

Handbrake allows you to rip DVDs onto your computer. It is most useful for ripping specific chapters of movies which can then be imported into Premiere for use as part of a video editing project, or uploaded to our Ensemble Video server for class streaming.

4K Video Downloader
4K Video Downloader

4K Video Downloader allows you to rip video and/or audio from almost any Flash player or plugin on the Internet. Our patrons typically use it to download YouTube videos at high quality, for use in video projects.

Toast Titanium logo
Toast Titanium

Toast Titanium is our all-purpose media converter and CD/DVD burner. Though Adobe Encore and Media Encoder each offer more options, Toast is easier to use for general-purpose conversion and DVD authoring.