Stabilization and Movement


Light and Medium Duty Tripods

The Velbon Videomate 438 Aluminum Tripod is a 2.71 lb camera support with a fluid pan-and-tilt head. It can reach a maximum height of 5.03' with the geared center column fully extended, and it has a minimum working height of 1.77'. This portable tripod folds down to 23.23". The Videomate 438 will support a maximum of 4.41 lb.

The Velbon Videomate 638 Medium-Duty Aluminum Tripod is a 4.37 lb camera support with a fluid pan-and-tilt head. It can reach a maximum height of 5.61' with the geared center column fully extended, and it has a minimum working height of 2'. This portable tripod folds down to 26.38". The Videomate 638 will support a maximum of 8.82 lb.


Heavy-Duty Tripod

The Manfrotto 055XB Aluminum Tripod has a load capacity of 19.8 lb and extends from 3.5" to 66.9".  The Manfrotto 502AH Pro Video Head is designed for executing cinematic moves.  The weight capacity is 15.4 lb and the counterbalance supports 8.8 lb. 


The MVMXPRO500US XPRO Monopod from Manfrotto is a 4-section aluminum video support equipped with Manfrotto's FLUIDTECH base and a 500-series fluid tilt head.  It is our entry-level tool for executing smooth cinematic moves such as tracking shots, boom shots, and dutch tilts.  A versatile kit for nearly any videographer or filmmaker, the MVMXPRO500US can often travel places tripods cannot, providing additional stability and supporting heavy equipment when required. With a maximum height of 79.9" and a minimum height of just 30.7", the MVMXPRO500US can be adjusted to suit users of varying heights and for various different tasks.

shoulder mount

Shoulder Mounts

We have two shoulder rig systems, designed by Shape and Red Rock, which are both equipped with baseplates and 15mm rods for mounting cameras and accessories for stable handheld use.

Gimbal Stabilizers

Our gimbal stabilizers include the DJI Ronin-S, the DJI RSC 2, and the DJI RS 3 Pro.  These are designed mirrorless and DSLR cameras and utilize motorized 3-axis stabilizers to help you execute smooth cinematic moves.  They require a good deal of practice to operate with confidence; we typically recommend that beginners first practice with a monopod.



Learning to operate our Rhino or GlideTrack sliders is the easiest way to add smooth tracking shots to your videos.


  • Available in 1-meter or 2-meter lengths
  • Can be setup on a floor or table, or elevated with two tripods.
  • Supports fluid-head tripod mount for combining track movements with pans and tilts
  • Rhino models offer a robotic motor that allows you to program tracking and panning movements
IndieDolly Singleman Dolly

IndieDolly Singleman Dolly


The Indie-Dolly IND.SPR.DN Singleman Dolly is a portable spreader based dolly system that requires only one person to set-up and operate. It supports up to 30 pounds of available camera and tripod, includes interchangeable studio casters and track wheels, and fits into an included soft sided carry case. The Singleman Dolly is designed to support your tripod, and allow it to ride on available tracks. The heart of the system is the spreader unit that folds for transport and features adjustable arms to fit your tripod and available dolly track.